Exploring Broadhursts Bookshop

There is nothing better than going to a nice warm bookshop on a cold day. Especially that awkward period between Christmas and New Years Eve when no-one knows what they are doing, what they are meant to be doing or even what day it is. Walking into Broadhursts Bookshop in Southport instantly warmed me up and made me excited about reading again.

The floor to ceiling bookshelves and the real coal fire give Broadhursts Bookshop such a homely atmosphere. You could easily spend hours looking through all the titles. With a mixture of new and secondhand books in all genres, including the most amazing children’s section. I have fond memories of the children section, exploring the latest books and even picking up a signed Jacqueline Wilson when I was younger.

I picked up The Old Man in the Corner: The Teahouse Detective by Baroness Orczy at Broadhursts Bookshop. The book was originally published in 1908 and are a collection of cosy detective stories. These were created as a response to Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes stories. I also purchased Lucy Worlsey’s Jane Austen at Home which looks at Austen’s work and life in-depth and includes images. Broadhursts’ wrap purchased books with brown paper and string, It makes me think of Flourish & Blotts from Harry Potter and completely finishes the amazing experience.

You can find more about the amazing place that is Broadhursts Bookshop here: http://www.ckbroadhurst.co.uk/