Self-care tips

Here are my self-care tips/ what I try to when I’m having a bad or an off day. Obviously, when it comes to self-care it is very personal and what works for one person may not work for another.

Books in all forms

I think books are my favourite form of self-care, it allows me time away from my head! I make sure I have the Kindle App on every device I have so I’m never too far from a book.

Kindle also have an online reading link so you don’t have to download any applications. This is really useful at work.

Audible – I spend most of my time with my headphones on. I live in a block of flats, as you can imagine the walls are not the thickest, so on they go.

I really like audiobooks, I started with the Harry Potter books read by Stephen Fry. It’s soothing and very familiar; this really helps me when I’m feeling anxious or overwhelmed. Matt Haig is another go-to, both his non-fiction books: Notes From a Nervous Planet and Reasons To Stay Alive are incredible for when you are feeling bad. They also help me remember that I am not alone, and not the only one that feels like this.

My most recent reads on audiobook are:

  • Flatshare by Beth O’Leary
  • Harry Potter – they are on rotation most of the time!
  • Becoming – Michelle Obama
  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before (trilogy) – Jenny Han


I am as obsessed with podcasts as I am with audiobooks for mostly the same reasons. I like how podcasts do not require as much focus compared to an audiobook and you can be doing other things whilst there on.

My top podcasts:

I have written more about this in an earlier post, you can find it here


Some of my favourite apps to help with self-care are:

Forest At £1.99 for IOS, it is really not bad. This app allows you to grow a virtual tree and collect tokens, which you can eventually trade in to plant a real tree in a place that needs it!

In Forest, you set a timer for a period of time, the aim being to focus on something other than your phone. If the exit the app, a notification appears to say remind you that the tree will die if you don’t go back to the app. This is actually weirdly motivating as you can see the dead tree in your forest area.

Headspace – This is a guided meditation app but as well as guided meditation sessions, it has “Sleepcasts” and they are incredible- to the point where I have never got to the end of one because I always fall asleep! I need to explore the app further and experience the meditations, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.


Hot drinks

My go to is a loose leaf tea an hour or so before bed, currently I’m loving Jasmine Huang Shan Ya and White Peony from Leaf. But if I’m feeling overwhelmed I will just make a standard brew. As you can probably work out my favourite teas are from Leaf and I love going to their flagship store on Bold Street in Liverpool.


A small thing, but fresh bedding encourages me to have an early night. I love sweet patterned bedding and I was obsessed with Urban Outfitters range. This was until ASDA upped their game, and now have the cutest ranges!

Hair, body and facial

When I’m feeling really bad, even if I’m not planning on going anywhere I will make sure I shower and sometimes put a face mask on.

My self-care routine is not complete without something from Lush. My current skincare contains; Angels on Bare Skin, Mask of Magnaminty,  Cup O’Coffee, Tea Totaler and Full of Grace. Occasionally Lush’s fresh facemask, Don’t Look At Me makes an appearance. Normally I would use either Angels on Bare Skin; Mask of Magnaminty or Cup O’Coffee and then follow up with Tea Totaler and Full of Grace as a moisturiser – I have found I don’t need to use a primer after this too, which is a plus!

For my hair I use:

Maria Nila Head & Heal Shampoo & Conditioner and sometimes Lush’s Jasmine and Henna Fluff-Ease as a pre-wash mash!