My Favorite Podcasts are…

I absolutely adore Podcasts. I listen to them everywhere and they really help on those days where you just want something small, light and fluffy! I mainly listen to podcasts on my headphones when I’m walking or doing tasks around my flat, sometimes I actually choose them over a movie. I currently use the Apple Podcast App and Spotify to listen to the following, but there are so many different podcast apps out there!

All Killa No Filla

All Killa No Filla

My ultimate fave podcast has got to be All Killa No Filla with Kiri Prichard-Mclean and Rachel Fairburn. Those girls can make me cry laughing. They (respectfully) talk about serial killers past and present, and the amount of research they do is unbelievable. They break up the hard-hitting discussion with lighter topics and jokes- which are actually my favourite bit.

Here’s a list of my other top podcast recommendations:

Off Menu Podcast

This is Ed Gamble and James Acaster’s podcast, it’s as weird and wonderful as you would expect. Ed and James ask their guests (often fellow comedians) to talk about their dream meal and explain their choices. There is always a hilarious anecdote for the pair to comment on.

Griefcast with Cariad Lloyd

Cariad and her guests talk about a loved one they have lost, it is heartful and sad but hearing about past experiences is both interesting and inspiring.

Kermode on Film

In his podcast, Mark Kermode talks about new and upcoming films as well as his personal favourites. I love the episodes where Mark Kermode and Jack Howard talk (read: argue) about a film; the passion is amazing.

David Tennant Does a Podcast With..

I could listen to David talk all day and hearing him interview some of his close friends like Olivia Colman is a joy to hear; it feels like you have an in on the conversation.

No Such Thing As A Fish

The QI Elves have a podcast and it’s exactly what you might expect! I love it because it’s funny, odd and clever. The group consists of: Dan, James, Anna and Andy and they talk about the favourite facts that they have found from the past 7 days and comment on each other’s facts.

Sappenin’ Podcast with Sean Smith

Sean Smith was my Scene Kid crush and still probably is! I still love The Blackout, the band he fronted and have seen them a few times. In his podcast, he interviews other bands and talks about music, recent guests including Charlie Simpson from Busted and Fightstar and Deaf Havana’s James and Tom.

The Tip Off

The Tip Off Podcast

The podcast looks at investigative journalism how a story starts and the work that goes into some of the biggest finds and stories. I find this level of journalism so interesting and I love the perspective it gives.

I most definitely have missed some out and there is no doubt I will discover a new favourite at some point soon so I may need to do a part 2! Let me know if you love podcasts and what your favourite ones are.

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